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  How LIFT works!

It works with proven tools and strategies that chains and big box retailers use to promote their businesses and increase sales but without the price.  


 LIFT promotional tender

Is a robust promotional system that uses a familiar interface for retailers and restaurants,

is truly a unique promotional tool powered by a "SMART" card that has many functions allowing your customers to prepay their purchases, give a gift, reload and receive rewards all in a single card.

LIFT Promotional Tender Cards can capture/store consumer information including special dates .

Earn more with your customers

Everyday your LIFT system will transfer the information and transactions to your ODC and make it available to you anywhere for your future marketing efforts.


LIFT promotion Center

Your LIFT Promotional Tender system is complete with a promotion center that markets your business to new consumers, advertisers, and promotional campaigns specific to your store.

n 3 EASY steps your LIFT Promotional Tender system will be ready to start making your retail store or restaurant more sales.

  1. * Take your LIFT system out of its box

  2. * Place it on your counter

  3. * Plug it in and get ready to make more money.

It really is that simple and to help your business continue to increase sales LIFTs' ODC (Online Data Center) will offer you the ability to not only market to your existing customers but to new customers, all with a single click.


The LIFT Promtional tender SystemLIFT is truly turnkey with everything you need to increase your sales, incent your customers and build foot traffic.


LIFT’s powerful Promotional Tender Software is already pre-loaded for your business and ready to start making money for your business right out of the box.



Promote your business

LIFT Network, promotes your business inside your immediate community through our exclusive online reward network.

When we introduce consumers to your  business we do it with your LIFT card and a cash value you determine that brings them to your business to buy.

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